Rock Climbing at Saidpur Village

After the successful session of rock climbing 1.0, NUST Adventure club organized rock climbing session 2.0 at Saidpur village on 15th February. Around 31 participants took part in the event, displaying their vigor and determination towards rock climbing. The participants departed from NUST at 7: 40 am and reached Saidpur Village around 8:30 am. In the midst of a pleasant weather, the thrilling sessions of rock climbing started with proper instructions and precautions given to the participants by a veteran rock climber.

Participants were given ample time to learn and harness their rock climbing tactics. As their energy started draining, the participants were called for a snack break and were offered with some refreshments around 11 am. Afterwards the training session resumed and turn by turn every participant climbed the rock as much as their stamina allowed. Lunch was also offered to the participants to recover their dwindling energy. Participation certificates were awarded to all enthusiast rock climbers by the faculty sponsor Dr. Saud. With this, another rock climbing session came to end.

NUST Adventure club has always offered the adventurous avenue for exploring new sports and activities. For all those, who remorse over the missed opportunity, worry not because NAC promises to organize such thrilling events in the near future.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events.