Press Secretary

Javaria Waseem

  • What was your motivation for joining NAC and how have you used it to fulfill your former role?

I joined NAC as a freshman and like every other newbie I was confused about which societies to join. A couple of seniors encouraged me to join NAC and I considered it as I have a thing for adventure. I didn’t realize it at that time how filling that random form would bring me to where I am today. Though I had no as such motivation to join NAC but with time I realized how important it was for me and my growth.

  • To you, what does it mean to be the representative of NAC?

It means a great deal for me to be a representative of NAC. I feel honored to give my time and efforts to one of the greatest societies of NUST.

  • What kind of challenges have you faced thus far and how did you overcome them?

When I joined NAC, I was not very social and neither did I have any experience in arranging trips. With time, the people in NAC not only helped me overcome my social anxiety but they also taught me so much which I’ll always carry for the rest of my life.

  • Recall that one experience that assured you that joining NAC was totally worth it.

I think it would be my first trip as an event head. As it was my first trip as a core team member as well, I was really confused about how things would work but my team helped me a lot with everything. The highlight of the trip was when we hiked down from Ramkot Fort and we had to get into the boats but there was a rough patch which was not easy to cover by everyone. So all of the team members as well as some participants made a chain and helped others getting down safely. That incident really assured me that joining NAC was totally worth it.

  • In what way has NAC allowed you to better yourself?

NAC has taught me a lot, helping me grow as a person; from lessons about social interactions to managing critical situations and helping people. I’ve learned how to be a better person, how to be there for others, and how to make the best of a given situation.

  • What are your future plans for NAC?

For the time that is left this year, I hope to continue working for NAC and making sure it provides the best that it has to offer to the students of NUST.