Mehwish Akhtar

  • What was your motivation for joining NAC & how you have used it to fulfill your role?

If I particularly talk about motivation for adventure then it comes from my Father whom we have seen doing adventure sports since our childhood and it ever triggered me to try new things in this field. I started practicing Paragliding since I was in class 8 and when I joined NUST in 2014, I came to know about NAC on our orientation day. The captivating pictures of Paragliding & trips seemed to me as I have found that platform here for which I longed for and found the opportunity to experience new adventures. I used this motivation at every possible point be it a trip, an event or NAC’s representation in Olympiad or in competitions.

  • In your opinion what qualities should a leader have?

As far as I’m concerned, a leader is not expected to have outstanding qualities. He need only be just in every situation. It is as simple as it sounds. He/she should not do what he expects that his/her team shunt do. He/she needs to simply act as a tolerant person and needs to remain positive. One thing that I have learnt so far is “if you are a leader or head, then you need to command” because you have done your part of learning and it’s now time to give that back to society and your members.

  • What kind of leader do you aspire to be?

Well, there is not any particular leader or person that I aspire to be like. I used to listen to and admire Islamic scholars, adventure paramours, professional leaders and many more but what I found is that everyone has their own way of serving humanity. Rather than being a leader, I want to be a follower of our Beloved Prophet (SAAW). I believe if I could follow only a 100th part of his teachings that will be more than enough to make this follower a good leader in this world.

  • Do you believe in being friends with the people you work with or just maintaining a professional relationship?

That’s an interesting question. I would always like to be friends with the people I am working with. That is because I believe if you do not enjoy the work you are doing or the company of people you’re involved with, then you are no better than a robot. BE FRIENDS WITH YOUR TEAM MEMBERS. Enjoy the team work and let them enjoy it too.

But one advice, when your behavior starts affecting the quality of your work “DO SET THE LIMITS”. It’s very important for a society’s growth.

  • Given the choice, would you rather make a decision on your own or decide based on the will of the majority?

Well, it depends. If the majority’s will would be in favor of goodwill then of course I will consider it but at the same time if I am responsible for GOOD or BAD of a team or society then I will decide what needs to be done (after voting or consulting with team).

  • What kind of challenges have you faced thus far and how did you overcome them?

From the first day till today, there were a number of challenges. One of them was taking the initiative if I ever was to be a head of any event. A fear of nothing used to hit me. But working as a team member, as an OC in Olympiads, on community service projects I overcame this with time. As people say, perfection comes with experience, I would say confidence comes with KHWARI.  My 2nd biggest challenge was making people work. It sounds funny but I never tried to do things on my own other than asking the responsible people to complete the tasks. It happened to me in my 3rd year when I was chief of communications in NAC and I was heading an event as a reference OB. I was personally looking into things and my former president told me not to work and advised me that I have done my part of learning and making things work and now it’s my turn to make people learn things. After that incident and few more I finally understood how to make people learn and work.

  • In what way has NAC allowed you to better yourself?

NAC has been very important to me. NAC taught me how to expand your learning from being a team member, to an event head, to a society head. I never joined any other society except NAC because it had everything for me. It made me a social being. It made me what I am today. It made my 1st day of Bachelor’s dream come true, Alhamdulillah (I dreamed of becoming NAC’s president before I graduate on my 1st day of University).

  • What are your future plans for NAC?

Well, this is a question I have been asked many times and my answer to it is different every-time because I keep on modifying my plans. I still have different ideas but the ultimate goal is making NAC such a society where every single member is ready to take initiatives of new ventures, where we can accommodate more than 1 or 2 trips at the same time all the while making it free from politics, free from authorization and free from any PAWA. I want to give back to NAC what I have got from it in every way I can. I do not want to make a better society rather create better people out of a society. And Insha Allah I am very hopeful in fulfilling this plan for NAC.