Hike to Miranjani


NUST Adventure Club arranged a spectacular event to mark off the ending of 2016, at a height of almost 3000ft above sea level!

The hike to Miranjani has been a flagship event of the Adventure Club, but this time around, a spark was added to this as it was decided to celebrate the last spin of the globe doing what we love; out among the tall pine trees and the spectacular view of the mountains.

The day began with the participants reaching the IESE parking at 06:00 hrs in the morning. The sun had only just begun to fill the horizon with its many shades as the buses assembled and the participants were given the important instructions and were loaded on to the bus.

Once all the necessary arrangements had been completed, the journey began at 07:00 hrs. The trip was made through the Murree Expressway making its way along the slithering highway, climbing up the mountain, offering a ravishing view of the valley below. The participants in the bus took this opportunity to socialize with each other, followed by an exciting and fun-filled game of Antakshari.

A stop was made a little way before Donga Gali; the spot offered a picturesque misty view of the many little cottages scattered along the inclined plain of the hills. The participants enjoyed hot tea and Pakoras and after spending few minutes there, were on the road once more.

The buses arrived at Hotel Mukshpuri at 11:15hrs and were taken to the hotel to be given a chance to freshen up and get ready for the hike that was to come. After this, the participants were taken to the base point of the trek and were distributed the refreshments.

At almost 12:20hrs the participants began their hike with all the excitement and vigor that was required, and soon enough all the participants started to mingle with each other, lending walking sticks, sharing water bottles or just taking a break and having the snacks together. It was like a large family had come to spend a glorious Saturday up in the mountain side.



The hike was almost three and a half hours long, and the steep oath offered a lot of challenges, but with the help of the council members and of each other, the participants finally reached the peak of the mountain. The top had a cool breeze and a panoramic view of the surrounding peaks.

The participants felt a sense of accomplishments as they sat and relaxed at the breath taking peak and enjoyed the results of their efforts.



At 04:30 hrs the way to the bottom was initiated, with all the participants happy, content and looking forward for the attractions that were to come their way. On this way down, the participants were mesmerized with the beautiful and surreal moment as the sun made its last dance among the clouds of 2016 as it made its way behind the mountain, bidding farewell to the year, as if itself excited to cast its rays on a new day of a new year.


Once they reached back to the Hotel Mukshpuri, a warm comfortable fire was already lit in the lawn, with the seats placed around in a circle, ready for the participants to enjoy a bonfire in the cold. As the participants were soaking in the heat from the flames, the dinner was served and the participants got to enjoy a scrumptious dinner around the fire pit.

Once the dinner was over, the participants gathered around to celebrate the New Years’ eve with sky lanterns being sent above the night time skyline as a way of commemorating the memories made in the last year. This was followed by a warm and beautiful show of the fireworks that the participants truly enjoyed.



After the celebrations were completed, the participants made their way back on to the buses to start their last journey of the day back to the university at 09:30 hrs. At midnight of the 31st December, the participants made their way back to NUST with the university’s skyline laminated by the numerous fireworks and crackers.  The day and adventure ended with the year, and a beautiful beginning was witnessed of 2017, along with the stunning memories it brought.