Cliff Diving at Khanpur Dam 2k16


NUST Adventure Club started the academic year with a refreshing splash in the water mixed with the adrenaline rush of making a high dive in the Khanpur Dam. The event was an energetic success with both boys and girls showing complete participation in embracing their daring side and enjoying their time in the calm water of the dam.


nac cliff

The event was held on the 1st of October 2016, and the participants started reaching the IESE parking at around 7:15 AM. The necessary arrangements were completed and the journey began at 8. The environment in the bus was full of vigor and enthusiasm and everyone was looking forward to the fun packed day ahead.

With an overflowing feeling of adventure, the buses carrying the participants reached the dam at 9:10 AM. From there the Participants were given life jackets and were provided with the safety instructions. They then entered the boats and were taken to the beautiful resort on the island where further preparations were made by the NAC executive council, and participants were briefed about the rules and procedures of diving. The participants even played around with water guns to get a taste of the experience they were about to have.

After a 45 minutes rest on the resort, the participants were again loaded on the boats and were then brought to the cliff at 10:30 AM. Once more the participants showed an amazing aura of fervor and enthusiasm, as they were being transported to the diving spot.

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The diving began at around 10:55 AM, and the participants enjoyed it to the fullest. One by one, the participants made the jump and experienced the beautiful moments in the air, filled with adrenaline and ready to have fun. This activity went on for about 2 hours with maximum participation and enthusiastic smiles all around.

After the diving was done, the participants were taken back to the resort and then a scrumptious barbeque lunch was served at around 2:30 PM.



Once the lunch was completed, the participants headed back to the buses and were taken back to the shore and boarded on to the buses. The buses arrived back to NUST at 5:30 PM, and the participants that came off had big smiles on their faces and memories that they will come to cherish, fresh in their eyes.