About NAC

About NUST Adventure Club

All of us have this innate need to be different. Despite society’s demand for us to conform, which tends to overpower this base desire of originality at times. At heart we are all craving to do something dangerous, or to do something, well, fun. This spirit of adventure is something that for some people over powers everything else, and for those people, the ideal place to turn to is NAC.

The club was founded by Anam Rathor and acted as the first president of NUST Adventure Club. NAC is one of the central club/society formed under the directives of Rector NUST. It is assigned to School of Civil & Environmental Engineering (SCEE) and currently working under Institute of Environmental Sciences & Engineering (IESE).

The NUST Adventure Club believes in catering the Spirit of Adventure possessed by all the adventure lovers of National University of Science and Technology. Established in October 2010, The NUST Adventure Club aims at incurring adventurous dimensions, to every day aspects of the lives of its members. We at NUST Adventure Club are here to revive the culture of facing the real world challenges amongst students who have been in their revolving chairs for just long enough. We are here to instill the belief that there is no mountain too high or a ford too deep. We are here to give you that oh so elusive “Can Do” attitude.

NUST Adventure Club is a platform for students to fulfill their need for adventure. For everyone out there, from the hard core adrenaline junkie to the average Joe wanting a simple escape from the mundaneness of everyday life. The club also targets: cultivating a habit of healthy competition and adventurous spirit amongst the student body. This feeling of competition can, in fact, be a very healthy thing to partake in every now and again. Thousands of years of evolution have instilled this sense of competition in us, and it is only healthy to feed this genetic hunger every now and again.

The NUST Adventure Club offers positive and safe extracurricular outlets that are both exciting and challenging. We at the NUST Adventure Club intend to equip students with practical knowledge, important skill sets and hands on experience for outdoor adventures and quests. NAC hosts numerous events and competition that test the mental and physical toughness of the students:

  • hiking trips
  • trekking trips
  • marathons
  • rock climbing
  • gun shooting competitions
  • wall climbing events
  • paragliding

The NAC has also represented NUST in several nationwide and international competitions and takes great pride in its team receiving various accolades.

  • All Pakistan Climbing Competition.
  • Chenab Rocks Climbing Competition
  • Ibex Club Wall Climbing Competition
  • SMU Gravical

At the end of the day we just want people to try something new and fun, and we just hope that the NUST adventure club can pay that small part in bringing a little more adventure into your lives.