The Relics of Pakistan:The Ramkort Fort

The historical places in Pakistan are the incarnation of the culture, history and traditions harnessed by our ancestors. Such places speak volumes about our heritage and enliven the ages long forgotten.

A place of the sort is Ramkort Fort, surrounded by the banks of Mangla Dam, situated near Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This landscape presents a picturesque view of ancient Fort along the stretches of flowing waters of Mangla Dam.

History says that some Muslim rulers built this Fort to safeguard their boundaries. Overtime this fort connected the overarching history with the conventional era. This place is a must visit for a couple of reasons. First of all, it signifies our history and secondly it relishes the tourists/visitors with the tranquil aura and scenic beauty.

To visit this place, one must run a check on the weather conditions. Summer Monsoon seasons and winters are the most hospitable seasons for visiting Ramkort Fort along with the Mangla Dam. Boating in the dam, hiking all the way through Ramkort Fort and enjoying the cuisine at nearest hotels would give a rich experience and unforgettable memories to all the visitors.

Have a wonderful journey to this beautiful place and rejoice the real Pakistan.