Rock Climbing by NUST Adventure Club

NUST Adventure Club, being one of the most happening clubs at NUST brought its general members the experience of rock climbing. On 7th December, 2013 NAC took a group of students to Saidpur Village at a rock climbing sight. The event was not a training session, but a selection round for an upcoming rock climbing competition. The students departed NUST at 0800 in the morning in a coaster arranged by the society itself. The participants and the organizing committee hiked across the village to the rock climbing sight along with the equipment needed and refreshments.

The event head, Mir Manzar Ilahi, set the equipment on the sight for climbing and belaying. He also, being an experienced, climber gave a number of demonstrations to the participants. Using adequate safety precautions such as a harness and a helmet, the participants were allowed to experience rock climbing one after another. After a detailed scrutiny and a number of trials a total of ten participants were shortlisted for the competition. All participants were awarded certificates for participation and food and refreshments.

The shortlisted participants were trained by NUST Adventure Club executives for the next two days before the competition. The competition, a national event organized by the Pakistan Adventure Club on the International Mountain day was held on 11th December, 2013. It was a proud moment for NUST and NAC when Mir Manzar Ilahi from SMME managed to beat his own record on Rock Beetlenest. The new record time is now 17 seconds beating his previous record by 3 seconds! The NAC team is also glad to announce that Afaq Baig of NBS and Mahrukh Shahid of SCME secured second position.